Weekly Meals/Recipes for March 17-21

I’m pulling double duty on my meals next week.  I’ve got a sick two year old, so this Momma is going for simple and yummy.  When I make my roasted chicken and veggie dinner on Monday night, I will roast 3-4 extra and use this to make my chicken salad for Wednesday night’s dinner.  And the Texas Caviar Rice and Beans dinner is delish and a no “cooking” recipe that is a fan favorite at our house.  My week goes so much better when I have my dinner plan organized and ready.  My goal is to have this up by Thursday, so we have time to prepare our list and shop over the weekend.  Blessings friends!  And, again, if this helps you, please be so kind to share, comment or like this post 🙂

Also, I am TERRIBLE about fixing my own lunch, and the soup for Wednesday is so delicious, it will serve as my lunch for the rest of the week 🙂  Yum for Mommy.

Blessings Friends.

Monday March 17 – Roasted Chicken, steamed broccoli with parmesan cheese and spinach and strawberry salad.


Tuesday March 18 – Lettuce Wraps


Wednesday March 19 – Chicken Salad Sandwiches/Salad and Chipotle Sweet Potato Soup


Thursday March 20 – Texas Caviar Rice and Beans


Friday March 21 – Leftover night or out to eat.  Kitchen is CLOSED!

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