My life as one surrendered Mommy. I’m a wife to one, a mother to five, a friend to many, a daughter to two, a sister to one, and most importantly, a servant to The One. My life is nutty; right now more than ever with a 6 week old. Life is short, and I’m determined to make the most of these parenting years while somehow maintaining a loving relationship with my husband, and come out of these early years of parenting proud of the little people we have been given the awesome responsibility of raising. And I don’t just want to survive it, I want to thrive in it. Our oldest will be eight this summer, and as I mentioned, our youngest is 6 weeks old. We.are.busy. Who isn’t? As a mom of 1 I was busy. Throughout these past almost 8 years I’ve learned so much.  I wish I knew then what I know now…from big things like how much my tone affects how my children speak to how to host a play date. That sounds silly now (how to host a play date), but when I had my first play date at my house I remember being terrified not knowing what to do/have for my friends and their kids. Life lessons. I want women and their families to thrive, and not feel utterly overwhelmed. Through it all, my goal is to raise up my kids loving Jesus and wanting to serve Him, not themselves. And that starts with me. Let’s do this and keep praying we make it through with smiles on our faces…most of the time at least…


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