Press on and keep the compassion and grace coming…

Baby Sarah loving on her buddy.  May we always love like this...

Baby Sarah loving on her buddy. May we always love like this…

I think we are all trying to raise our kids right. Are we trying to make perfect kids? I hope not because that is NOT happening. Hopefully our aim is to raise up incredible, God fearing, humble, compassionate and courageous adults. And, we are going to have great successes, along with incredible failures…sometimes daily failures. But, more and more lately I have been convinced that as long as we Moms are still pressing on and allowing Christ to continually shape, convict and CHANGE us; we cannot help but be the best example for our children. Let us not get complacent or satisfied with where we are in our walk. Heaven knows, we are not perfect!! But, His likeness should be our goal!! And, it is up to us to press on.

And, in the process of allowing Him to shape and change us, we will shape and change our children. We don’t need more books or blogs. We just need to have a desire for His word; and He desires our time. We all have the time. It is up to us to prioritize it for Him.

One of the biggest lessons that I have been talking about with our kids lately is compassion and grace. Since we have been home schooling our kids—they are always with me. Always. So, there are plenty of opportunities to have lots of conversations. People can be mean, rude and flat out ugly. And, my kids see it and have asked, “Why were they so mean, Mommy?” or grumpy…we use that word a lot. I am always thankful for those situations. I love explaining to them that yes, they were not the nicest, and perhaps, yes, that was flat out mean. BUT, we have NO idea what is going on in that person’s world right now. NO IDEA.

And, before we get all huffy, let’s make some possible scenarios that might be making them grumpy. Here are some examples we talk about: maybe they are sick, or hungry, or tired. Or worse yet, maybe someone they really love is REALLY sick, or has died. Or their Daddy has lost his job. You get the idea. I am trying so hard to teach our kids to give people the benefit of the doubt—to assume the best in someone, not the worst. It is hard sometimes—like getting cut-off while we are driving…but hey! Maybe they are in labor and NEED to get to the hospital!

I don’t know. But, maybe, just maybe, one child at a time, we could help make a more grace-filled and compassionate world.

Blessings, sweet Mommas.

xo, Lori